Indymedia Scotland meeting on Tuesday

Indymedia Scotland is holding its monthly meeting in Glasgow tomorrow. Come along and find out how to get involved, use the site and improve coverage of important events. It’s at the Electron Club in the CCA (on Sauchiehall Street) at 7.30pm on Tuesday.

At a time when financial institutions are crumbling, yet we still rely on the newspapers they own to inform us, Independent and democratic grassroots media is more important than ever.

Indymedia Scotland exists to promote stories written by people here about the things that affect them. From housing to your workplace and the environment around them, the website is there to help you get your message out without bias, hidden agendas or advertising. The site is there to attract attention to your campaign, announce your events, and more.

This meeting is your chance to shape the decisions made about the running of the website. If you have ideas on how to improve coverage, questions to ask, or are simply curious, then come to the meeting to see how you can participate in building democratic news reporting.


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