More on the banks

Collecting some more resources to try and understand the banking crisis. The previously mentioned audio talk has been turned into this video:

This new website, Bail us out, has been set up to argue that the billions used to bail out the banks would be better used paying off consumer debt. They’re looking for people to submit stories about why they should have their debt dropped first.

For anarchist views on economics generally, there’s the Anarchist FAQ. Section C, “What are the myths of capitalist economics?” would be a good place to start.

If you have links to any more useful resources / analyses, please let us know through the comments.


3 responses to “More on the banks

  1. US public radio show This American Life has two shows, one addressing the subprime crisis (with excellent interviews with everyone from preditory mortgage salesmen to economists), one about the credit crunch. They’re insightful, explain absolutely everything in an accessible way and the producers have no problem calling bullshit on almost everything: both are well worth a listen.
    Housing crisis:
    Credit crunch:

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  3. This analysis a wee bit challenging, and you want/want not to believe it at the same time. It’s quite a long audio piece but well worth the time.
    “The New Kleptocracy”
    “The largest financial theft in American history”
    Interview with Michael Hudson


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