Please Help

With the freedom of movement block last Saturday

Please help Yosola and Haadiyeh Ogunleye

HO ref: O1113457 and O1113457/2

Yosola arrived in the UK in 2001 and she moved to Glasgow in 2007. Yosola is a very active member of the Asylum Seeker community in Glasgow and recently has enjoyed trips to the Scottish Countryside and a trip with Haadiyah and other asylum seekers to Manchester to participate in mass civil society. Yosola and Haadiyah have made many friends and a home here in Glasgow who wish that they will be able to stay in Scotland.
Yosola is a Muslim from the Yoruba ethnic group and left her parents in early 2001 who were trying to force her into an arranged marriage with a man twenty years her senior. She did not want to be his sixth wife and was already in a relationship with a man she loved who was a Christian from the Yoruba who was a British citizen. Due to the continued threats from her family they decided to travel to the UK.

Hadiyeh's ID card from the last time she was detained

In early 2002, Yosola and her partner went back to Nigeria to try to convince her parents to accept the relationship because she wished to marry the man. They were unsuccessful and a few days later, three men hired by her family came to her partner’s home and beat him and sexually assaulted Yosola. The Nigerian police did nothing when told of the attack and told Yosola to go back to her parents and do as they say. Yosola and her partner then returned to the UK to live.

Her partner provided her with documents, including a National Insurance Number, which she thought were valid, and she worked in London from 2002 until she had saved enough money at which time she left her partner and found a new flat for herself. She continued to work and go to job centres and began a relationship with a man by whom she got pregnant, but when confronted with her pregnancy the man demanded Yosola get an abortion and when she refused he left her.

When she was 6 months pregnant she could no longer work and applied for housing benefits, and it was then that she discovered that her documents were false which were provided by her first partner. Yosola gave birth to her beautiful daughter Haadiyah on the 3rd of February 2007 and applied for asylum in the UK and was moved to Glasgow.

Yosola and Haadiyah were detained again (they had been in detention in Dungaval in April 2008), Monday (22nd September) when attending their regular reporting appointment at the Home Office in Brand Street. They are currently in transit to Yarl’s Wood Detention Centre in England, having been served with removal directions for Virgin Atlantic Flight VS651 on Saturday 27th September at 22:30 from London Heathrow to Lagos, Nigeria.

Yosola’s parents are very well off in Nigeria and have paid informants who work at the airports in the country who have been given Yosola’s picture should she and Haadiyah be returned. Yosola and Haadiyah will not only face being returned to her family forcibly, but there is a real danger to both of their lives. Yosola’s parents have paid others to use violence and a sexual attack on Yosola before when she disobeyed and with Haadiyah, the baby, is in extreme danger for her life.

Please help by contacting the Home Office and Virgin Atlantic to request that the flight be stopped and Yosola and Haadiyah be released.

1. Fax the Rt Hon Jacqui Smith, MP, Secretary of State for the Home Office asking that Luc be allowed to stay in the UK, please remember to include Yosola and Haadiyah’s Home Office Reference Numbers: O1113457 and O1113457/2.
Fax 020 7035 4745 / from outside UK+44 207 035 4745

2. Please phone, fax or email:
Virgin Atlantic Head Office. Please remember to include the flight details (VS651 from London Heathrow to Lagos, Nigeria on Saturday 27th September at 22:30).

Tel: 08705 747 747/ outside UK: +44 1293 562 345

Fax: 08701 900 959

Email: [email][/email] or go to the following link and fill it out the forms and make specific in the comments that deportation flights should not be operated by Virgin: [url][/url]

*No fax machine? No matter!*
If you have a computer and access to the internet you do not need a fax machine to fax.
There are two methods of faxing:
From your browser go to:
(the number must be entered with the country code
so 020 7035 4745 (Home Office) would be 44 20 7035 4745)

Send a fax via email
Use this email address format :

So, to send the fax to Jacqui Smith put:
Just copy your fax message into the body of the email.

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