Glasgow May Day 2008

Work getting you down?

Sick of your boss?

Then call in sick of it all this May first!

May Day is nearly upon us once again and as usual we will be meeting outside Buchanan street underground station at high noon on May Day. This year the plan is to transform the celebration of consumerism and capitalism that is Glasgow city centre into something a lot more sociable so bring along anything you think will make Buchanan street a more hospitable place.

Whilst the centre of the city is aimed at encouraging us to spend what little we earn it is hardly a place to socialize and meet others who live in the city. We must rectify this situation, bring along food to share, games to play, furniture and cushions to lounge around on and most of all bring yourselves.

Nearly every day of the year we sell our labour to our employers or struggle to get by on the dole when we can’t get work but not May Day! May Day is our day not our bosses and it’s definitely not the governments!

This year we also celebrate the tumultuous events that rocked the world forty years ago in 1968; with nine million French workers out on strike, resistance to the Vietnam war and many, many other outbreaks of resistance to capital.


3 responses to “Glasgow May Day 2008

  1. there going to be a sound system and march to kelvingrove like last year?

  2. power to the ppl!

  3. should i bring my drum?

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