Anti scientology action in Scotland

A loose collection of individuals, originally mobilised by geeky web forums and bulletin boards, have been gaining momentum in attacking the Church of Scientology (CoS) for its attacks on freedom of speech and oppressive, authoritarian behaviour towards its own members.

Today they successfully picketed a scientology stall in Glasgow, forcing them to pack up and leave. There is also to be an Edinburgh component of a worldwide demonstration on 12th April.

There are more details on their website, but in case that goes down its to be outside the scientology offices in Hunter Square, South Bridge St, Edinburgh. They don’t specify a time, so I presume it will be all day. They encourage everyone to disguise their identity – perhaps by wearing masks – as the CoS have a lot of history of personally attacking anyone they see as a threat.

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3 responses to “Anti scientology action in Scotland

  1. I wonder if the world would be a better place if Philip K. Dick had started a religion instead of L Ron Hubbard…

  2. Thanks for the support guys, I my self are a member of anonymous and was at the 10th of may and 12th protest as well as some of the fillering missions in Glasgow. If you’re interested in the anti-scn protests some sites you should visit are; is the Scottish anon’s official site, we have a forum, etc. I believe the Edinburgh anarchists are already involved


  3. I’ll put a link to you in our sidebar. Hope to see you back in Glasgow this Saturday?

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