Beware fake anarchists!

We received this message about a fascist group masquerading as anarchist while pushing racist and authoritarian nonsense. Obviously, you’re smart enough to know dangerous nonsense when you’re shown it but the more this message is spread the better.

In the past few months, a considerable effort has been put into building up a fake “anarchist” website,, and making it appear legitimate. A mere shell just a few months ago, this site suddenly includes a blog, a forum with nearly 500 (fake and apparently real) users, a Wikipedia page, a “library”, and even an online store selling shirts advertising the site.

Though the site sports a “copyright” (one of many give-aways!) dating back to 1997, the domain was just a gateway to porn sites as recently as 2005.

It is currently registered to “Throne Networks”, someone with a Virginia PO box who also hosts these other lovely sites:

  • (“Anti-Capitalism”)
  • (“I Hate Jobs”)
  • (“Infoterror Internet Activist Promotions, Inc.”)
  • (“Anti-Humanism”)
  • (“Center for Nihilist and Nihilism Studies”)
  • (“Al-Qaeda Appreciation Society of North America”)
  • (“Remaking Modern Society”)
  • (“Libertarian National Socialist Green Party”)
  • (“A look into the real world”)
  • (“Julius Evola: Traditionalist Visionary”)
  • (“Necrocapitalist”)
  • (“Pan-Nationalist Movement”)
  • (“Pentti Linkola Fansite”)
  • (“The Hessian Studies Society”)
  • (“American Nihilist Underground Society”)
  • (“Lost Wisdom”)
  • (“Kahanist National Zionist Party”)
  • (“Continuity MOvement”)
  • (“genocide, holocaust, and democide studies”)
  • (“Support the Judeo-Christian Holocaust”)
  • (“The Music of Burzum and the Writings of Varg Vikernes”)
  • (“The Satanic Coalition”)
  • (“Pragmatism Party – Traditional National Democratic Party”)

Most of these sites link to several of the others, and up until very recently, even the new “anarchist” version of linked to at least the first six of them. The links were taken down when commenters on the site’s blog, and posters on its forums, began objecting to their content. But it is clear that the same organization is behind all of them.

Taken together, these sites appear to be a broad net cast at young people in the process of rejecting inherited, official values. Whether they are a front for “third positionist” fascists, a government operation, part of a spam enterprise, or the product of a bored obsessive, what is abundantly clear is that is not operating in the interests of the anarchist movement, nor indeed of the majority of the world’s people.

If the links with “” weren’t enough, digging a little on the site itself uncovers an explicitly racist position:
http: // [linkbroken] anarchy/anarchy_library/racism/

“No one seems to care how contradictory it is for the powers that be that push the ideas simultaneously that
a) all races are inherently equal
b) there is no such thing as “race”
c) some races need special assistance.
It is obvious that there are noteworthy biological differences with ifferent human populations. However, this shouldn’t be either a free ticket to discriminate with great prejudice nor to think that racial gaps should be diminished by interbreeding, because both forms of thinking are very far from what is stable and close to reality.”

The same text was pasted as a comment on a third-positionist fascist blog ( in October, by someone calling himself “Postglobalism” and linking to, with the added line “Every nation needs its own culture, rules and space to live.”

The Internet is notoriously full of exactly this kind of bullshit. What makes “” a problem is that it is now pretending to be the “International Anarchists Alliance”, an emerging coalition of actual anarchist groups:

Member Organizations

  • Anarchist-Antitheist Army, (Platformist), North America
  • BlackStar Coalition, (Underground Collective), North America
  • Anarchist Brotherhood, (Underground Militant Group), North America
  • Schuyler’s Army (Black Bloc Coordinator), North America, Europe

Needless to say, these groups are all either fake or imaginary:

  • “The Anarchist-Antitheist Army, based in North America has come forward to be the first organization to become part of the Anarchist alliance.”
  • “BlackStar is based in North-Eastern USA and South-Western Ontario. The Coalition’s contact may be reached through one of our staff.”
  • “The Anarchist Brotherhood operates in northwestern USA, Ontario and
  • Quebec. Contact to the Brotherhood is not permitted.”

Anarchists in the US and Canada are forming real organizations. Some are networks that support us in our participation within broader movements for change and resistance in our communities and workplaces; others are specific political groups pursuing collective action strategies. Many are now growing, experiencing a slowly rising wave of social discontent in response to economic anxiety and distrust of government solutions.

But history has proven that lone rebels can be misled. And in the course of a few months, somewhere between dozens and hundreds of visitors to the site, many identifying themselves as 13 to 17 years old, have already registered and handed their email addresses over to whoever is behind the site. At the best, this serves as a confusionary diversion. At worst, though, it provides a point of contact for fascist indoctrination, or a fresh FBI file.

Spread the word about “”, and if you’ve already been duped yourself, be more careful. If you are interested in what anarchists (and our friends) have to say about the world we live in and our prospects for making revolutionary social change together, try one of these sites:

12 responses to “Beware fake anarchists!

  1. Hiya,
    I used to be an anarchist or at least I studied Anarchism
    when I lived in London. I used to frequent Freedom Press.
    Now I am a patriotic Scot who wants Independence for
    Scotland. The truth is the english and the americans are
    taking Scotland to the cleanaers.

  2. Bernard – given half a chance the Scottish ruling class are just as willing to “take Scotland to the cleaners” as the English ruling class. The working class has no borders. They have been put there to divide us and control us by claiming its a different nation thats oppressing us and we should unite with our local ruling class.

    I love Scotland, but I’ve got no illusions about Scottish bosses being any better than any other bosses.

  3. The lovely folk at have been complaining that we have mislabelled them, and that they’re not nasty racists really. No, not at all…

    Most people, especially our poorest, breed above replacement rates, so seven billion becomes nine billion and then twelve and then twenty. “Education” does not work; almost all of them are not intellectually capable of grasping the consequences of their overbreeding. In first world nations, breeding has slowed, but what this means is that our smarter people die out while hordes of people who could not develop first world wealth swell. We are not only overpopulating, but we are breeding from the lower strata of our intelligences.

    They commented on here but we don’t want to give them any positive publicity, so we’re not approving their comment, and they’re sulking. Awww. Go back to your own turgid site and moan here. We’re busy creating a better world where every human is valued and encouraged to reach their full potential, not just the first worlders who you seem to think are genetically superior.

    You really don’t give a great example of the Master Race’s high level of education when you fail to grasp even a basic history of imperialism or current world affairs. But then what do I know, I’m just a Jew so I probably control the world’s finances, huh? 😛

  4. Ugh they came back again? Somebody needs to smack them round the head with a copy of Guns, Germs & Steel.

    Lend us a fiver, fleabite.

  5. [sorry world, replying to a rejected comment]
    Correct Mr Corrupt. We will not publish comments from openly racist gobshites, so you are getting NoPlatformed.
    Claims that you have “debunked” evidence of a link between the imaginary anarchist organisations listed above might be more convincing if you provided evidence more solid than an assertion by a racist fool.

    For one thing, I note that the site itself hasn’t attempted to defend itself but is relying on you, a racist, elitist pseud to claim that the above story is wrong. It is not.

    There is racist crap on that site, racist crap on your site and uncritical weblinks found between the two.

    Give it up and get some fucking politics you thick as shit fascist.

  6. You are cowards.

    Evidence was posted that disproved your assertions.

    Rather than admit you’re wrong, you censored, and then tried to justify yourselves.

    You are cowards.

    • I would have thought that someone as elitist as yourself would know the difference between “evidence” and “anonymous comments left on a website”. Or, would proofread the posts on your website. Perhaps you just don’t have enough “leadership intelligence”.

      It’s not even clear what assertions you think were disproved, here’s some new ones for you:

      Corrupt is a shithouse of racist, elitist crap targetted at wannabe school shooters
      Those organisations listed above as fake, are fake
      the forum espouses politics antithetical to anarchism
      Your website includes encouragement to rape
      You’re a fan of murderers including Stalin & the Unabomer
      You haven’t had sex with anyone other than your right hand for at least 6 months

      Treat it as a further “chain of insults” if you like, sweety. Have you tidied your room yet?

  7. It is a chain of insults.

    CORRUPT contains no racist material. If you disagree, post racist material so we can all see.

    You are a fearful man who censors what he disagrees with. If you cannot find a reason to censor, you accuse others of racism or statism — whatever’s convenient — and then claim that’s justification.

    It’s people like you, with your pompous insistence that you are right and have the divine right to impose your dysfunction on others, that make this world a worse place.

  8. corrupt dot org has pants politics.

    For instance “social welfare programs must die so we stop breeding parasites” which is currently on your front page. This puts you very firmly in the “it was fashionable in the 80s” rightwing camp. Far from being “corrupt” or in any way radical or exciting your politics are those of Thatcher and Reagan and you’re saying zero new.

    You continually rage against people from different “races” breeding. This advocacy for some mythical racial purity not only has a really bad history, but when you are so very clear that you believe that some races just are more dumb than others – you merely prove how much cleverer is a misceginate [0] like me. Its not like inbreeding is well known for producing geniuses!

    Anyway, the purpose of this comment was less the rather easy annihilation of your bad politics, but more to say – Nope, you have no innate right to propogate your rightwing, racist views on our website.

    Go whinge to someone that cares.

    [0] Don’t know what misceginate means? Its that horror of the racists – someone who’s “interbred”. For an example usage visit one of corrupt dot orgs lovely comrades in ideology here :

  9. In other words Steve
    Tits or GTFO

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  11. Pentti Linkola is a Finnish eco-fascist who envisions an agricultural totalitarian Utopia run by an “enlightened elite” of deep ecologists like himself. I have never seen him connected to anarchism as such but he has been mentioned in connection with John Zerzan and his anarcho-primitivism. This is a complete misrepresentation of both anarchism and primitivism.

    The interesting thing is that Linkola’s philosophy, if one can call it that, is equally removed from primitivism as it is from anarchism. In his book Can Life Prevail? he writes that domestication is the only positive achievement of mankind. That someone like this is even mentioned in connection with anarcho-primitivism simply boggles the mind.

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