Stall at anti-war march, next May Day meeting

We’ll be at the anti-war march in Glasgow this Saturday, pedalling seditious literature. Then later there’ll be another meeting to discuss May Day.

The march assembles at Blythswood Square at Noon and goes to a rally at Glasgow Green at 2pm. We’ll make sure and have the stall set up at the Green (and maybe at the start too) so you don’t have to listen to politicians bleat about how great they are. Come and grumble in the cold with us instead 🙂

There’s been a call for an Autonomous Block on the demo:

“This is a call-out for the anarchists and anti-authoritarian socialists of Scotland to gather and march together as part of an Autonomous Bloc at the anti-war march in Glasgow on March the 15th. We will show that we will not be controlled by the state or by the political parties who try to represent us.”

And there’s the May Day meeting. We’ll be at Mono from 4pm, look for the stall or a pile of stickers. We’re looking forward to seeing you again x


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